Viral story of a wife pretending to be cheating so that her husband is jealous, the ending is tragic


The story of a wife who pretends to be having an affair has recently gone viral. At first, she only intended to deter her husband and get better, but unexpectedly it ended tragically and made the woman feel sorry.

Launching from the Thaiger newspaper, the incident occurred in Chon Buri, Thailand. The 49-year-old woman named May is unhappy in her marriage. He is not satisfied with his husband who is considered weak and does not want to get up, works hard like other men, so he cannot provide a good life for his wife and children.

So that the husband is deterred and hopes to make him even better, the wife pretends to be having an affair with a man who lives in South Korea. May often pretended to be on the phone with her mistress, even in front of her husband. May threatened that if her husband did not want to change then May would ask for a divorce and move in with his mistress.

Hearing this, the husband actually threatened to kill himself if his wife was really having an affair. Seeing her husband immediately take out the nylon thread and was about to kill himself made May feel scared. He immediately confessed that in fact he was only pretending to have an affair.

However, the husband still believes that his wife is having an affair. Until one day May suddenly got a call from the police. The police asked whether May’s husband was at home because the police received a report that May’s husband uploaded a suicide note online.

The suicide note read, “I hope everyone is happy. He’s a good person, but I’m not. Goodbye everyone.”

May then immediately tried to contact her husband but never heard back. Until finally May and the police tried to search around the forest near his house and found his husband’s footprints.

Following her husband’s footprints, May and the police found that her husband was lying on the ground. Above it is a nylon rope on a broken tree branch. Seeing this, May immediately cried and called her husband’s name. But unfortunately her husband will never come back.

Currently, the husband’s body has been taken to the hospital for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. To get complete information, the police are also continuing to question May and related people.

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