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Thousands of users TikTok They could not help but laugh out loud after witnessing a video in which a Peruvian student tried to play a prank on his teacher during his virtual class with a song from Group 5. The young man never imagined that he would receive a punishment from the teacher.

As seen in the video, which has caused the laughter of thousands of people in TikTok, the boy placed a song from the Team 5 and managed to make his teacher angry and feel free to punish him. The scene became a trend in various parts of the world.

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The young man had no better idea than to drop a sticky cumbia from the Team 5, before the entire presentation I had prepared began. The boy made his classmates laugh with this joke, but not the teacher.

In the video published in TikTok The reaction of the teacher who takes the joke with humor is appreciated, but in any case he decides to sanction the joker and his group number 5 with two less points in the final grade.

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The curious fact did not go unnoticed and generated all kinds of reactions on social networks. While some did not hesitate to make fun of this peculiar moment, others ‘sympathized’ with the students and asked the teacher to ‘reward’ them for their creativity instead of punishing them.

“I would put 20 for this initiative.” “It should be two more points for your introduction.” “Too bad for the students, it was just a joke to liven up the presentation,” were some of the comments that were recorded in said viral video of TikTok.

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He plays a prank on his dad, he can’t stand it and has a furious reaction

A video shared on TikTok It has generated all kinds of reactions since in these images the moment was revealed when a father of a family could not bear the heavy joke of his daughter and reacted completely unexpectedly.

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The woman who stars in this viral clip pretended to have received a tragic call to find out what her dad’s reaction would be. She never imagined that upon discovering the joke, her father would have a peculiar behavior that turned viral in the social networks.

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YOU CAN SEE: Young man tries to ‘troll’ his teacher with a song from ‘Group 5’ in virtual class and they give him harsh punishment [VIDEO]

Girl does amazing Nairobi imitation of ‘The Paper House’ and thrills thousands

Amazing. In TikTok and others social networks was shared a video viral, which reveals the amazing imitation of a minor, who dressed in a red romper and made a special hairstyle to characterize Nairobi from ‘The Paper House’. The little girl played one of the most shocking scenes in this series of Netflix.

Priscila D’palma, the user who shared this video on TikTok, revealed to be the mother of the girl who adopted the look of the Spanish actress Alba Flores and repeated one of the phrases most remembered by fans of the popular series of Netflix.

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Student for his teacher’s virtual class to fix his clothes because if they don’t ‘hit’ him [VIDEO]

It will steal a smile from you. Through Facebook A funny viral video was shared, which shows the moment when a student asked permission from his teacher, who was doing virtual class for Zoom, to ask permission and be able to fold his clothes while listening to the lesson, because, if not, his mother He had a ‘harsh punishment’ prepared for him.

The implementation of virtual classes, as a new form of study before the arrival of the pandemic, has made both students and teachers have to adapt to take lessons from home, while continuing with their daily tasks.

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Woman wears abundant makeup to look like Michael Jackson and now looks identical to the artist

A recent video of Facebook It has gone viral since it revealed the incredible ‘transformation’ that a woman underwent, after applying abundant makeup on her face in order to become the famous singer Michael Jackson. The young woman taught “step by step” how to become “The King of Pop” in just a few minutes and the unusual clip became a trend in different social networks, especially in countries like Mexico, U.S and Spain.

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As can be seen in the first minutes of the viral video broadcast on Facebook, the young woman applied a little foundation on her face. She also used eyeliner pencil to copy the features she had Michael Jackson.

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Woman causes a furor on TikTok for looking like J Balvin thanks to makeup

A curious video of TikTok It has caused surprise in thousands of users since it revealed the incredible transformation that a woman underwent with the help of makeup. The talented female proved that she can be identical to the famous reggaetonero J Balvin. Do not you believe it? Read on to know everything about her.

Leticia Gomes, name of the protagonist of this viral TikTok, showed that with the help of beauty creams, she can look identical to the urban artist. The result made her ‘famous’ in several countries such as the United States, Mexico and Spain.

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Terrifying presence appears behind a teacher in virtual class and everyone is scared [VIDEO]

Thousands of users in YouTube have been shocked with a recent viral video uploaded to social networks. This is the precise moment when a strange appearance scares the students of a teacher, while dictating his virtual class. The scene has become a trend in countries like Mexico, Spain and the United States, managing to terrify Internet users.

The chilling images were released by a friend of one of the students. The boy had claimed that his teacher lived alone and that he had moved to a new house. The video was originally shared on Twitter, but it soon became a trend on other platforms, especially in YouTube, where it already has more than 400,000 reproductions.

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Teacher is excited to meet her students she gives virtual class during pandemic

As a measure to slow the advance of COVID-19, Mandatory quarantine was implemented in several countries around the world. In times of social isolation, colleges and universities implemented virtual classes in order to continue imparting knowledge to their students. However, in the development of these courses there have been some unforeseen and curious moments, as happened to a teacher from Chile, who has gone viral in TikTok after receiving a warm surprise from her students whom she did not know.

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According to the description of this video, which has more than 589,000 reproductions in TikTok, the teacher who starred in this emotional scene could not contain the emotion to see that all her students began to turn on their web cameras so that she could meet them, since they had never been able to see each other in classrooms, since this was her first academic year and they started it in the middle of the pandemic because of the coronavirus. Images have become a trend in several countries such as Mexico, Spain and the United States.

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Young man applies a lot of makeup on his face to end up identical to Justin Bieber

Really surprising. A viral video released on YouTube has impacted more than one user, due to the ‘transformation’ suffered by a young influencer when applying a large number of makeup on the face to look identical to the interpreter of “Yummy”, Justin Bieber. These images have gone viral in countries like Mexico, U.S and Spain, due to the effect that cosmetics had on the woman’s face that appears in the viral video.

This is the youtuber Leticia Gómes, who used her channel YouTube and others social networks to post a new make up. This time, the young woman assimilated the features of the Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

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