Viral Tugu Pamulang is similar to Toren Air, Kadis PUPR Banten: I am also sad to see it: Okezone News

TANGSEL – The shape of the Pamulang Monument viral on social media because it is said to be incompatible with the initial design that resembles the old Banten dome. Now, the monument in the form of an iron frame with a dome roof at the top is said to resemble a water toren.

The Pamulang monument is a construction project of the Banten Province Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Office. Since 2017 ago. The plan has been worked out and only realized in the 2018 fiscal year with a value of Rp. 300 million.

Head of the Banten Province PUPR Service, M. Tranggono, admitted that he only knew that the Pamulang Monument was being carried out by the province. He also has coordinated to follow up on the problem.

“I just found out that this is a project from the province. I am also sad to see it, this is my moral responsibility. But we are still responsible for resolving this,” he explained while reviewing the Pamulang Monument, Sunday (11/04/21).

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According to him, the initial design of the Tugu Pamulang with the results in the field is now in accordance. Where the monument is indeed designed in the form of an iron frame and the top resembles a dome.

“This shape is in accordance with the initial design. You can check it yourself. Only if the initial design resembles a pagoda at the top, so we will change it so that it looks more like a tower dome,” he said.

The Pamulang monument itself has a height of about 9 meters with a diameter of between 4 and 5 meters. The monument is right inside the roundabout in front of the Pamulang University Campus and next to the Pamulang Police Headquarters.

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Tranggono revealed, at the beginning of work on the Tugu Pamulang project, he had not yet served as head of the department. Even so, he had recently become acquainted with the details of the project based on information from his staff.

“At that time I was not in office. But I already got information about what kind of initial planning, what kind of second phase. So this is indeed a constraint when there is refocusing (budget for) Covid,” he said.

He continued, the realization of the Pamulang Monument development budget in 2018 went according to target. Then in the second stage, the monument is planned to be designed in the shape of the old Banten Mosque minaret.

“The first stage is indeed the project is built as it is now, it is appropriate. Now then there is a second stage in late 2019, the design resembles the old Banten mosque tower. The photo of the second design is circulating on social media, so it looks as if the second stage design was is the initial planning stage. Even though it’s not like that, it’s different, “he said.

The second phase of planning was nevertheless carried out, because in the 2020 budget, Covid hit Indonesia, requiring budget refocusing. The second phase of planning with a value of approximately Rp. 200 million was finally delayed.

“The year 2020 will not be finished, because there is refocusing. Likewise until this year. But because this is busy being highlighted, that’s why we coordinate first. Hopefully we can carry out the second phase in this 2021 revised budget,” he said.

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