Viral: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Young man recorded 2 hours without doing anything and causes a stir

Updated on 08/04/2020 at 06:00

An action that left more than one gaping on the Internet. A young man of Indonesia became a viral sensation on social media like YouTube when recording for more than 2 hours without doing absolutely anything. Yes, as you read. The images of the singular act cause a stir on social networks.

As reported, the protagonist of this unique clip is called Muhammad Didit. He, 21, is a youtuber who usually shares various types of content on his channel ‘Poor friend official‘; however, the one that he broadcast on July 10 of this year made him jump to fame on the Internet.

And it is that he published a video in YouTube which lasts exactly 2 hours 20 minutes 52 seconds. What is striking is that during all that time, the young man appears sitting in his room, while staring at the camera without doing anything else.

In the description of this publication, he explained that the idea of ​​doing something like this came to mind after the “Pressure from some elements of Indonesian society”, who asked him to create content that educates young people.

What Muhammad Didit never imagined is that the clip would cause a sensation in YouTube, to the point of accumulating more than a million reproductions and more than 18 thousand comments by users from different parts of the world, such as U.S, Mexico and Spain.


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