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He couldn’t contain his happiness. Rosa, a woman who worked for 20 years cleaning a building in New York (U.S), lived the most emotional moment of his life then the people who reside there gave him a spectacular gift. The surprise was registered through a video viral de Reddit that has become a trend.

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The woman was left without a job due to the coronavirus pandemic that is hitting the United States and around the world, so she had to leave the building to live with the rest of her family in her sister’s house. However, a group of neighbors decided to act after learning about the situation Rosa was going through.

For 20 years, she won the love and admiration of almost all the residents of the building. That is why they planned an incredible surprise for Rosa. In the viral video you can see the woman arriving at the building with her work tools, as the neighbors called her telling her that she should clean one of the apartments.

Upon reaching the top floor, a man greets her and begins to explain the spaces to be cleaned, as the house had recently been remodeled to be handed over to its new tenants. After a brief walk around the apartment, in which Rosa was completely shocked, one of the neighbors stops in front of her.

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“Many people in this building are huge fans of hers and they love her very much. We know that it has been a difficult year for you and your family, and probably one with many financial difficulties. We believe that he always had a huge heart with the people in the building and they want to give you something back “one of the men is heard saying.

It is at that moment that the neighbor tells him that the residents had come together to rent the apartment for two years so that his family can move out of his sister’s house and have a little more time to recover financially. Rosa was shocked, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

The woman burst into tears when the neighbor handed her the keys and asked her to sign the contract for her new apartment. “This is not real”Rosa constantly repeated to herself, while her neighbors assured her that they did this because of the great love and dedication she provided during her 20 years of work in the building.

Loyal cleaning woman who hit hard times during the Pandemic was given an apartment thanks to all the people who lived where she worked. She’s given a 2 year lease. from r/nextfuckinglevel


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