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Since Sunday, the Law of Access to the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in Argentina came into force, which allows the free-form abortion throughout the territory. This has motivated a young Brazilian woman to travel to the southern country with the aim of interrupting her pregnancy.

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This is Sara, a 20-year-old girl who borrowed 5,000 reais (a little more than 930 US dollars) from her family to make a trip to the city of Buenos Aires, although without revealing the real reason. “Having a child that I do not want and without conditions to raise him, and being forced, would be torture. So when I found this legal method, it was a great relief. “Said the young woman in conversation with the German chain Deutsche Welle, which made her case known and accompanied her throughout her trip.

Beyond her opinions, Sara preferred not to reveal more details such as the town where she lives because, as she explains, the stigma against those who perform an abortion is strong in her country.

“Having a child that I do not want and without conditions to raise him, and being forced, would be torture”he says, shortly before boarding his economy class flight last December. On the 30th of that month, thousands of Argentines celebrated the legalization of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy up to 14 weeks.

In Brazil, abortion is only allowed in case of rape, risks to the mother, or if the fetus developed anencephaly, a congenital malformation of the nervous system. In other circumstances, he is liable to three years in prison.


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