Viral Video of Madrasah Teachers in Magelang Sending Indecent Chats to Their Students, Fate of Perpetrators Now Fired

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Video of a person Madrasa teacher Aliyah (MA) sent an obscene chat to her student, viral on social media.

Based on a search by, this incident became the subject of discussion after being uploaded by a Twitter account @txtdrMagelang.

This account created a number of tweets sharing evidence that the madrasa teacher did abuse.

Like a video containing a screenshot of the teacher’s conversation with one of his students.

On June 17, 2020 at around 22.49, the teacher sent a message.

He asked to be sent a photo selfie and was immediately rejected by the student.

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But suddenly, the teacher immediately asked the student whether she was wearing underwear or not.

The teacher then sent a series of obscene messages that should not be appropriate for his students to read.

As of Saturday (2/7/2022), this video has been watched more than 500 thousand times.

The @txtdrMagelang account also uploaded screenshots of confessions from other students.

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