Viral Video of Ustaz Stabbed Youth When Leading the Remembrance in the Mosque, But Failed Crooked Knives

Mosque imam stabbed by unknown person (OTK) Thursday (07/23/2020) night at Al-Falah mosque, Jalan Sumatra, Pekanbaru City. (Source: Special via

PEKANBARU, KOMPAS TV – A ustaz of Pekanbaru, Riau, named Yazid Nasution | managed to escape death. He was stabbed by a young man, however sang ustaz not hurt at all.

That’s because the knife the perpetrator is using to do stabbing suddenly bent when drained to the victim’s body.

Is a young man with the initials IM, a resident of Jalan Riau, Black Water, One Umbrella, Pekanbaru who became the sole perpetrator of the crime. The 24-year-old man has now been secured by the police.

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The seconds of the attempted assassination carried out by IM were recorded by the CCTV surveillance camera of Al Falah Mosque, Darul Muttaqin and finally viral on social media.

The perpetrator is known to have stabbed Ustaz Yazid Nasution twice to the body of the Imam of the Mosque. This incident occurred after the Isha Prayer in congregation on Thursday (23/7/2020) night.

“The perpetrator stabbed Ustaz Yazid Nasution using a knife. However, it failed because the knife was bent, “Pekanbaru City Police Chief, AKP Stevie Arnold Rampengan, in Riau on Friday (24/7/2020).


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