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Without controversy. Enjoying a gold-plated steak can cost up to $ 2,000 and that is the experience at the famous chef’s Nusr-Et restaurant in London Salt Bae It is not suitable for all budgets, something that has cost more than one criticism due to the exorbitant prices of the menu where the gold-plated steak stands out. And it is that Nusret Gökçe became a celebrity for his way of adding coarse salt to the steaks and now he is revolutionizing Instagram again by sharing a video where he teaches the staff of his local a strange method of washing dishes. His followers have been impressed.

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The place located in the luxurious London neighborhood of Knightsbridge has been the target of criticism in recent weeks by diners who have not felt 100% comfortable in its facilities and with the service offered. The most recent question came from a man who complained in that the staff informed him that he had a space of 30 minutes to eat the incredibly expensive dishes I had ordered and vacating the table. The time limit set by the local would mean it costs $ 925 per hour, or $ 16 per minute, to enjoy the $ 1,951 gold-plated steak.

How they wash dishes with Salt Bae

Salt Bae He stopped sprinkling salt on steaks to record a peculiar video that was shared on his official Instagram account. It’s 60 seconds that have impressed his loyal fans and critics.

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The chef was caught in the kitchen of the London steakhouse, Nusr-Et, alongside the staff and helping with the dishwashing.

In the images published on November 21 on Instagram, the famous chef is seen cleaning dishes, pots and pans while a group of his staff, who wear masks, carefully watch his every move.

With the sound of ‘Unchain My Heart’ by Joe Crocker as a musical background, he is seen passing a hairdryer through a clean plate and turning it before the attentive gaze of his companions. He then tosses it through the air to grab it immediately and is heard saying to his staff: “Focus, clean, all the time”.

The most peculiar thing was seeing Salt Bae sponge the dishes that still had food scraps and placing them in the plastic drainer. All this without removing your characteristic sunglasses.

At the end of the recording he is seen tossing his apron over onto the crowd of his staff, who proceed to give him a round of applause.

Fans of Salt Bae It didn’t take long for them to react to the video he described as “In business you have to know all the details … from A to Z, ok?” and they wrote to him on Instagram: “How I think the dishes should be cleaned”, “When the owner mixes with all the employees of whatever designation and shows how small the job is, the company will rule the business”, “I want to work for this guy”, “Everything is in the details “, among others.

Who is Salt Bae?

Salt Bae was born in Erzurum (Turkey) and is of Kurdish origin. He dropped out of school early due to financial difficulties and began work as a butcher apprentice in the Turkish capital at a very young age. After visiting different countries such as Argentina and the United States, he returned to Turkey to open his restaurant.

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He rose to fame in 2017 thanks to a viral video in which he showed his peculiar way of salting meat. And since then his popularity and success have grown at the same rate as his bank account. But this Turkish chef wasn’t always the flamboyant character he has become in large part because of social media and closeness to celebrities.

Based on work, he created his empire. In 2014 he arrived in the luxurious city of Dubai and since then he has been opening restaurants of his chain Nusr-Et for almost the five continents. In addition to having several stores in his native Turkey, Salta Bae has also opened stores in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Doha, Miami, New York, Dallas, Boston, Beverley Hills, London and Mykonos.


Salt Bae is a very famous Turkish chef in the world who managed to forge the millionaire empire that he enjoys today starting with a humble job such as butchery. In the following video, we will tell you a little more about him, which will undoubtedly surprise you by his way of cutting meat and the exorbitant prices that a meal in his restaurant costs.


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