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A unique treasure that has been around the world. A father and his son are furious on social networks after sharing some images that show the incredible discovery that opened a vending machine for soft drinks abandoned in a shop in the United States (USA). The video is viral in YouTube.

The YouTube channel Abandoned exploration team He makes videos in which he explores the places in a state of abandonment and what are the things that are found in them. "We are looking for abandoned places and let's see what treasures we can find!", reads its description.

This time the canal has hit the spot with some images that it has to date over 3 million reproductions on the video platform and in which they show the incredible discovery they made at an abandoned soda vending machine.

"My father is a demolition contractor, which means that he can do whatever he wants inside of the places you have to demolish. Now we are in an abandoned garden center and we found this car, so we will open it to see what we find ", you heard the beginning of the video.

After the brief clarification, the viral video of YouTube shows how the father of the young man who records what happened starts open the vending machine with the help of a drill and tools. The man takes several minutes to get into the car.

Man begins to control the inside until he finds a discovery that generates a "Oh god!" of the young man holding the video camera and recording everything. "Here is the money, full up to the edge"says the man after finding the piggy bank that collects money from the car.

YouTube viral: find the abandoned beverage machine and what you discover inside leaves you speechless | YT | Yutube | United States

Son and father were surprised after the discovery. (YouTube / Abandoned Exploration Squad)

The discovery that provokes fury in the networks. (YouTube / Abandoned Exploration Squad)

"Holy God, look at this, good God, Dad, he's serious, but what the hell, I'll record it. This is too much money! They never emptied this machine, it's full to the edge ", you hear the young man tell the camera after finding the money from the soda machine.

As if that were not enough, the boy and his father also find a container full of 25 cents coins. At the end of the video which is viral on YouTube, both tell what was found and come up with surprise they found $ 107 in dollar bills.

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