Virgin claims that ‘The Simpsons’ predicted Richard Branson’s flight into space, and shows the evidence (PHOTO)


13 Jul 2021 15:11 GMT

The billionaire himself, who also acted as an actor, made cameos in several episodes of the popular comedy series.

Virgin Atlantic, a member of the Virgin Group consortium, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, published an illustration on its website Tuesday that compares Branson himself, who He flew into space last Sunday, with a similar-looking ‘The Simpsons’ astronaut.

“‘The Simpsons’ predicted it,” the entity wrote.

Branson, who also served as an actor, made several cameos in ‘The Simpsons’ in episodes, such as ‘La guerra del arte’ or ‘Loan-a Lisa’ (titled ‘Lisa, the moneylender’ in Latin America and ‘Dona Lisa’, in Spain).

This Sunday, July 11, British billionaire Richard Branson made a flight into space aboard the SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity spacecraft in the first trip with passengers from his space tourism company Virgin Galactic. With the gaze of more than 500 people who witnessed the moment, Branson, 71, took off along with five members of the crew.

The ship was lifted by the double-fuselage VMS Eve aircraft carrier to an altitude of 15 kilometers, later detached and ascended into space, reaching 89 kilometers. The historic flight lasted about 90 minutes.

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