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Virginia Torrecilla and the message after overcoming a brain tumor that moved Pau Gasol

The player of the Atlético de Madrid, Virginia Torrecilla, she was successfully operated on for a brain tumor, as she herself explained upon discharge. “I won the most important game of my life and for you to know that this is the beginning of something great.” The player recounted everything she has experienced in recent weeks through a video uploaded to Instagram, in which she ended up launching a beautiful message of vitality that moved on the networks and especially to Pau Gasol.

“You get out of anything, all you need is desire and strength. I am the most positive aunt in the world. I only had one way and that was to do this in order to continue. I hope this is the beginning of something great. If I lived life before, now I will live it twice. Thank everyone who has been with me. To my family, my friends, my doctor and Atlético de Madrid, who has given everything for me, ”said Virginia just before being discharged.

The Spanish center could not help but respond to these emotional words from the mattress player. “Your smile and your words have moved me and show enormous mental strength. You are a great player, but what you transmit to us as a person is much more important. Although by the love I read you will already know, the whole world of sports is with you. Lots of strength, Virginia, ”he shared.

This is how he lived it

Torrecilla also took advantage of his improvement after the operation to tell how he has lived through this difficult situation. “I returned to Madrid with a headache and cervical pain a week ago. They did a CT scan and found a tumor. At first they thought it wasn’t evil, but imagine what it meant to me“, said.

“I have always lived like a madwoman, imagine what it was … On the 14th they told me and as soon as possible I traveled to Navarra. They admitted me immediately, on Monday I went into the operating room and everything was great. The operation has been successful. I have to keep it. I just wanted all of this because it is important to me that everyone who fights a disease sees it and continues to fight day by day, “he said.

“I never imagined that something like this could happen to me or someone in my family. I want to send a lot of strength to everyone and I wanted you to know for myselfTorrecilla finished. Thus, the messages of encouragement from the world of sports were immediate. From the support of Álvaro Arbeloa Even Atlético Femenino’s teammates turned to the midfielder.



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