“Virginia works and has brought legality. The suburbs are no longer abandoned”

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June 19, 2021 4:06 pm

A post on Facebook that smacks of endorsment. Of those potentially important if it is Alessandro Di Battista, a reference figure for the world of the 5 Star Movement who, on the other of the more than one and a half million “followers” on social media, wrote a post to praise the work done by Mayor Virginia Raggi in recent years: “Exactly 5 years ago this young capable, respectable and above all tough woman was elected Mayor of Rome. – he says posting a photo of the current first citizen – Tough yes, because in addition to having to face millions of problems in a city left by the “good ones” full of debt, had to resist the worst media campaign that has ever been carried out against a political exponent. Attacks of all kinds (you will remember the hundreds of pages on spelacchio when the State-Mafia Negotiation was given little space), lies, fearful allusions to his non-existent lovers, crossfire, front pages designed by hominins with foaming mouths and envious of the morality of others “.

“Even today Virginia is the main target of the entire Italian political class, from right to left through the Christian Democrats (capable of infinite transformations in order not to die)”, reads the second part of the post where he also attacks political rivals: “Salvini he targeted her knowing that by attacking the Raggi he would have maximum media coverage and by now if he does not go to the newspapers he does not feel alive. Zingaretti lies muddy and his is mere self-preservation. He knows he has immense responsibilities in the management of waste from the Lazio and Rome and for this he barks, aware that 90% of the newspaper editors are anxiously awaiting his barking to transform them into contemporary Gospels. Few, and I mean seriously, would have resisted all this. Virginia resists, pretends to offer the turn the other cheek and work. Work, work “.

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“For years we have been expecting such transparency and cleanliness in contracts. For years we have dreamed of a mayor capable of getting in the way of the Malagò, Montezemolo and Caltagirone families. Are there problems? Yes, many. Have mistakes been made? Yes. From everyone. But I see changes after changes, and I say it because I think so “, continues Di Battista who then writes what he has” seen “in recent years in Rome:” I see a clear imprint of legality, I see hundreds of km of new roads , I see redeveloped cycle paths invaded, thank God, by many cyclists. I have seen an unprecedented fight against organized crime in Rome that has cost Virginia dearly. Threats and escort. I see many new buses and they are owned by a company that without this administration either it would have gone bankrupt or it would have been privatized. I see suburbs that are no longer abandoned, I see Ostia raising its head. I see dozens of redeveloped public parks starting with the children’s areas that we frequent with the family. I see all this and I say g thanks to Virginia, its council, the municipal councilors, the municipal councils and all the councilors in the municipalities who, practically for free, invest precious time in improving our city. I am happy to have contributed (together with the whole Movement) to the election of Virginia and, in my small way, I will do everything so that the Romans can give her another 5 years of work with her head held high. Te vojo bene Virgì! “, He concludes.


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