Health Virologist of the Russian Academy of Sciences spoke about...

Virologist of the Russian Academy of Sciences spoke about the consequences caused by COVID-19

The virologist scientist of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Felix Ershov said that the new virus strongly suppresses immunity, therefore, an additional so-called somatic pathology can be superimposed on the disease.

According to the expert, often at risk for such a pathology elderly people fall. Children and youth are less likely to experience complications due to stronger immunity.

Felix Ershov clarified that as pathologies in the elderly can occur strokes and heart attacks, as well as concomitant diseases, including bronchitis, meningitis and others.

The main cause of death from COVID-19, as a rule, is not the coronavirus itself, but pathology. Therefore, if the disease has not recovered after the first week, doctors include antibiotics in the treatment, reports “Evening Moscow”.

As reported by the Kuban News, the self-isolation regime introduced in Russia to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia will produce results in about a week.

“Despite the fact that the incidence continues to grow, we will observe the result of these limitations, taking into account the incubation period, in a week,” said the director of the Russian research anti-plague institute “Microbe” of Rospotrebnadzor Vladimir Kutyrev.

The specialist added that the Russians need to continue to comply with the conditions of social distancing and to take preventive measures to “break the chain of epidemiological processes”.



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