Health Virus is significantly more aggressive than influenza

Virus is significantly more aggressive than influenza

The Corona virus damages the lungs massively – significantly more and differently than influenza viruses. This has an international research team headed by professor Danny Jonigk of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) now found out. “It works Covid-19 a completely different disease. Comparisons are out of the question. Self Swine flu as a very aggressive variant of the Influenza does not cause such damage in the lungs, ”emphasizes Jonigk, Lung specialist at the MHH Institute for Pathology. Scientists are now assuming that virus not just on the lungs, but probably generally on Blood vessels also targets other organs.

Clots in all areas of the pulmonary vessels

The team demonstrates that the SARS CoV-2 virus in the lungs practically follows a three-stage plan. The virus initially affects the inner walls of the Blood vessels in the lungs and acute damage. During the defense, the walls of the alveoli become inflamed, protein is deposited over the entire area, making it difficult to supply oxygen to the blood.

Typical distribution of inflammatory cells for Covid-19 (green: T lymphocytes, purple: B lymphocytes).
Source: MHH / Pathologie

“We also found a massive number of blood clots in all sections of the pulmonary vessels, but especially in the finest Blood vessels“Says the pathologist. These tiny clots clog the capillaries, increasing the patient’s shortness of breath. For their study, the researchers compared the lungs of those who died Covid-19 or at the Swine flu were ill. Such constipations are also found in the lungs infected with influenza viruses, but they do occur Covid-19 nine times more often.

Corona virus triggers vascular growth

What the researchers particularly emphasize is that the bodies of the Covid 19 patients reacted to the heavy strain with the wild new formation of Vessels in the lungs. Doctors usually observe these vascular growths in cancer, autoimmune diseases or scarring processes. “The body seems to be trying everything possible to repair it. It tortures so much Corona virus the lung. But these misguided attempts make everything worse, ”it says Jonigk. In the end, the vascular system appears to be torn apart.

“For us is Covid-19 in the broadest sense a vascular disease. That would also explain why that virus also damages other organs such as the well-perfused kidneys, ”says the professor. Recent studies recently reported that SARS-CoV-2 in all likelihood also causes damage to the kidneys, heart and central nervous system. The new study by the specialists fits this Germany, the United States, Belgium and the Switzerlandwhich they published in the “New England Journal of Medicine”. The researchers examined the tissue samples for the first time using a combination of different techniques such as micro-computed tomography, 3-D electron microscopes and various molecular biological methods.

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