Vives expresses annoyance with Silvestre for using his musicians without consulting him

Since 2014 with the album ‘Sigo Unvicto’, the Urumitero artist Silvestre Dangond began to work hand in hand with the renowned producer Andrés Castro, thus beginning his internationalization process. Later he released ‘Gente valiente’ (2017) and ‘Esto es vida’ (2018). With the latter he won his first gramophone in the Cumbia-Vallenato category.

To achieve this goal, in addition to hiring producer Andrés Castro, with whom Carlos Vives has made history, he also surrounded himself with some musicians from the singer-songwriter Samarius, which caused his annoyance.

In an interview with the Colombian journalist, Víctor Sánchez Rincones, in Spain, Vives revealed his dissatisfaction with the guajiro. “If they are looking for mine, they must look for me, I would have been fascinated if they did. It struck me that he didn’t take me into account, but he did invite my entire work team, because I am a producer before anything else, “said Vives with a frown.

El Patron, as he is known in the artistic world, after being the man who with his ‘Classics of the Province’ in 1993 began to penetrate strongly in markets such as the Spanish, the United States, Mexico and Argentina, he stated that it is little time that He has shared with Silvestre, whom he considers one more friend.

“We haven’t had many opportunities to speak, we meet at some events (…) Martín Elías invited me to his recordings and I was crazy and I thought I was the producer, he gave him ideas, so I would love for Silvestre to have the confidence to consult me That would make me very happy because I could collaborate to take it further, because I have been part of the process of modernity ”, he declared.


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