Viviana Canosa is charged with illegal practice of medicine – News

The journalist Viviana Canosa was charged by “illegal practice of medicine”, after taking chlorine dioxide in your program Nothing personal, which is issued by Canal 9.

This was confirmed by his lawyer, Juan Manuel Dragani, who stressed that “she is bad and distraught”.

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The deputy of the Frente de Todos for Neuquén, Mariano mansilla, filed the complaint “for attacking public health”, which according to Canosa’s lawyer is “not very understandable.”

“The behaviors are loaded with subjectivity, but she, when she committed the act, clarified that he did not recommend it. So the conduct that Viviana developed in the program is not consistent with the conduct that this article raises, “he said.

In this sense, Dragani considered that “there is animosity” against Canosa arguing that “is a woman who says what she thinks and that bothers many “.

“She receives politicians from all spheres, she is not in a hurry to say what she thinks and I think that generates annoyance. But there are colleagues of her who even respond to political interests and are salaried to lines of thought and Viviana no i think so arouses envy, her independence, her verbiage and her status as a woman “, he stated, in a radio dialogue with La Once Diewith.

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In this way, the lawyer predicted a good outcome and promised that “after the dismissal”, They will go against all the people who misrepresented the statements and will initiate actions for damages.

“The complaint that was made against him is not very serious and is disrespectful to Justice. The deputy omitted to look at the tape and many journalists went a little further, saying that he was advocating the crime for the deaths of people who drank chlorine dioxide, “he insisted.

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