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Viviana Parisi, where is the family that helped you? “Father, mother, two children. They also bypassed the guardrail”

Father, mother and two teenage children aboard a “metallic gray” or “light-colored” sedan: they would be the witnesses who would stop to help Viviana Parisi and to the son Gioele Mondello last August 3. From them, from their words, fundamental elements for the investigation could come. But they are not found. The research of little Gioele, the son of Viviana Parisi, the 43-year-old deejay found dead last Saturday at the foot of a pylon in the woods of Caronia (Messina).

The research area expanded yesterday, after the summit held in the Prefecture with rescuers and investigators, but always in the area between the place where the woman had the accident in a tunnel on the A20 Messina-Palermo and the place where the body was found. Yesterday there seemed to be a turning point, in the afternoon, when the Chief Prosecutor of Patti (Messina) Angelo Vittorio Cavallo showed up at the place of the discovery with a geologist expert in subsoil for an inspection. Other traces are sought. But there is still no news of the child so far.

Viviana Parisi, appeal to find “missing” witnesses

The Chief Prosecutor Cavallo has launched another appeal to the journalists ‘missing’ witnesses. Who do not show up despite almost two weeks have passed. It would be a family that stopped to help Viviana Parisi last August 3 after her car stopped due to a small accident. Father, mother and two teenage children in a ” metallic gray ” or in any case ” light-colored ” sedan. For the moment, this is the identikit held by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Who I am? Why have they never shown up despite the appeals taking place for 10 days? Nothing else is known about them and the prosecutor Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, speaking to journalists in front of the court, sent them an appeal to show up. ” The father was almost bald, tanned and wore an orange T-shirt – explained Cavallo – The woman is about 45 years old, she was wearing a blue dress ”. These are the few words used to describe that family that has done ” a meritorious work ” and which hopes they will ” live now ”. According to the investigations, not only did they stop at the scene of the accident but also began the search for the mother and son ” bypassing the guardrail ”. It was always the magistrate who revealed yesterday that a video leads the investigators – who have been working non-stop for ten days now – to believe that the woman was with the child “at the time of the accident”. This is why the research continues, without stopping, always in the area, without moving to other places. We look for Gioele Mondello.

Gioele Mondello, the aunt: “I want to find him, I do my research …”

“I want to find Joel, I do my research …”. It’s just after 8.30 on Friday morning, when Mariella Mondello, Viviana Parisi’s husband’s sister, the deejay found dead in Caronia, shows up in the ‘base camp’ of the searches, in an Ip service station in Marina di Caronia (Messina) to warn the firefighters that she would go up to the woods to look for little Gioele, the son of his brother whose traces have been lost since last August 3rd. The woman arrived at the research ‘headquarters’ accompanied by a man. She approached the vehicle of the fire brigade that has been stationed there since the day of the disappearance of the woman, later found dead, and of the child, and announced that she would go towards the countryside, up above, perhaps near the place where the body was found. by Viviana Parisi.

“I’m going there alone,” she told those in attendance before leaving base camp and venturing into the woods to find her 4-year-old grandson.

Daniele Mondello’s appeal: “Who has seen, come forward”

“I wanted to make this appeal: anyone who has seen something after the accident, in the countryside, come forward and call the police. I love my son and I want to find him.” It is the heartbreaking appeal, in tears, launched by Daniele Mondello, the father of Joel. The man turned this morning to anyone who saw something after the accident on August 3.

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What emerged from the autopsy on Viviana Parisi’s body



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