vivo launches X90 Pro 5G, the latest flagship smartphone with a 1-inch ZEISS camera sensor

vivo The world’s leading smartphone brand launches the latest flagship smartphone X90 Pro 5G from family X Series for fans in Thailand to experience the latest innovations in smartphones under the concept ‘Pro Photography in Pocket’ Integrate the efficiency of chip technology upgrades. alive V2 Exclusive rights of vivo highlights that are packed with advanced photography features Ready to continue creating innovative photography and camera systems developed in collaboration with ZEISS Whether it’s a light adjustment technology Anti-reflective lens coating, software and functionality perfectly integrated. Revealing the charm of photography in every Real-life moments come to life with a large camera sensor. 1 Finger is the first in the family of smartphones. vivo and regarded as the pride of vivo that has delivered innovation and technology for photography and video at the forefront of the industry on X Series into the hands of Thai consumers.

Surachai Sangsuwan (left), a professional photographer, and Chakrapong Makarasen (right), Product Marketing Manager, attended the X90 Pro 5G launch event.

to the next level with the new upgraded power from vivo for taking the best shots

Experience the definition of professional photography aesthetics at vivo have cooperated with ZEISS The world leader in lens technology has been developing for a long time. 2 Year Upgrade hardware and software to deliver the ultimate shooting experience for X90 Pro 5G while adjusting the sensitivity of the aperture Natural color processing and image stabilization in all angles X90 Pro 5G Comes with a rear camera 3 The main camera uses a glass lens. High-transmittance with high light transmittance Certified coating standards ZEISS T* more 7 pieces to prevent glare. Ready to reduce flare and ghosting.

X90 Pro 5G Push the limits of smartphone photography with leading-edge technology, whether

  • main camera lens ZEISS resolution 50MP use sensor IMX989 size 1 Inch, the largest in the smartphone industry compared to other models on the market, with a large aperture. f/1.75 which is larger to 77% and increased sensitivity to light 44% compared to the previous generation Helps to achieve bright and clear night photos like a pro.
  • full ofportrait cameraresolution 50MP phase 50 mm. Ready to experience the superiority of a portrait lens. Ultra-sensing sensor IMX758 Aperture value f/1.6 Support image stabilization (OIS) Extra large aperture lens and new sensor technology Creates high-definition photos that capture details in every dimension. even in low light
  • Be dazzled by the wide-angle shots taken by the camera. Wide Angle viewing angle 108 degree resolution 12MP with sensor IMX663 Aperture value f/2.0
  • Laser Focus Never miss an important shot with an autofocus sensor that’s precise and sharp in every detail.

X90 Pro 5G also comes withSelf-developed hybrid image stabilization system (OIS + EIS) This allows for smarter and more accurate image stabilization correction compared to the system. OIS Standard version and also supports the system OIS type Active Centering This professionally reduces interruptions between frames and motion blur.

Pro camera features Never miss important moments day or night.

whether Early Bird or Night Owl Capture every important moment with a variety of features that allow users to shoot like a pro with the newly upgraded sensor. image processing chip v2 Exclusive rights of vivo combined with the algorithm AI that was newly developed by itself along with the lens coating ZEISS T* Effectively reduces lens flare ghost images. resulting in pure photographs bright, crisp, colorful and enhance the ability to take pictures at night and the twinkling stars in the sky, making X90 Pro 5G It is the perfect companion smartphone to capture the beauty of the surroundings with new features that allow users to create content in different styles professionally.

There is also a mode 4K Ultra-Sensing Night Video Let users easily experience the world-class clarity at night with algorithms. Super Night Video 3.0 Supports excellent light sensitivity even in low light Moreover, the chip alive V2 also helps to process sharp images even when set ISO High with an algorithm that effectively solves the problem of image noise.

X90 Pro 5G also comes with a mode Handheld Astro The newly upgraded camera allows you to capture sharper, starry night skies in seconds. Let the photos come out as sharp as using a tripod. This feature is powered by photosensitive capture technology. Night Sky Imaging System upgrade version anti-shake system OIS and focus technology AI PD super night focus new improved focusing accuracy. landscape with mode Super Moon which combines hardware and algorithm upgrades. Super Night 3.0 new together sky segmentation technology vivo It also helps to create an atmosphere during twilight. (Blue Hour) or after sunset to make it more spectacular By adjusting the blue tone to match the sky at that time while the algorithm Double Exposure also allows taking pictures landscape With the moon cut on the background looks beautiful, mysterious, fascinating. X90 Pro 5G also create a tone suitable for shooting at night with the mode AI Night View that combines the technology of AI that allows to take pictures of the night atmosphere take it in every shot without having to adjust to waste time

Strengthen the army with powerful features for the content line. such as motion capture mode Zero-Shutter-Lag Motion Snapshot Makes capturing motion easier than ever. Helps users not miss important moments even for a fraction of a second. Sports and animation mode at night Night Sports It also integrates a high-speed shutter and motion-detection algorithms. that can freeze the frame to instantly capture no matter how fast the object moves able to record images clearly from all angles

X90 Pro 5G also pleasing photography lovers By creating new effects in the most creative photography like ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait at vivo Developed together with ZEISS to apply this effect to still photography by simulating the flare effect seen in many classic movies to stunning results. 5 The popular portrait bokeh feature available in X Series The previous version was complete. ZEISS Biotar, Planer, Distagon, Sonnar and Cinematic which the front camera resolution 32MP and in the model X90 Pro 5G This also supports both 5 These features are the first What’s more, users can take pictures of unique miniature landscapes. by using the miniature effect ZEISS Miniature Effect without the need to edit later, ready ZEISS APC (Automatic Perspective Correction) That helps to center the image of tall buildings both vertically and horizontally. Allows users to experience the imagination into a miniature world that is close to the fingertips.

Or to shoot a video like a pro, it’s easy to do with the feature. ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh Recreate classic Hollywood movies by adding a cinematic bokeh effect to the aspect ratio. wide screen 2.39:1 Combined with artistic long oval bokeh. And with the increased processing power, the feature allows for more precise adjustments to the edges of objects. and delivers video footage that results in a more cinematic look.

packed with power with all-around performance Enjoy every game

X90 Pro 5G Comes with advanced performance Powerful processing capabilities with large battery fast charging technology Eye-catching display Responding to both general use and playing games with a chipset MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and chips alive V2 when measuring performance Dimensity 9200 make X90 Pro 5G get points of AnTuTu up to 1.26 million points with technology LPDDR5X and technology Extended RAM 3.0 expandable up to 8GB including UFS 4.0 + MCQ and UFS Deep Defragmentation Provides smooth processing and smooth multi-application support.

X90 Pro 5G It also supports fast charging technology. 120W type Dual-Cell Comes with a high capacity battery 4870 mAh It helps to shorten the charging time quickly. and increase battery power in no time Can charge up to 50% in just 8 minutes by X90 Pro 5G It also supports fast charging technology. 50W wireless as well Two charging modes control temperature rise and charging speed. with safety protection system 24 Dimensions and certified by TÜV Rheinland Which has undergone rigorous testing of charging speed and device compatibility, no more worrying about charging.

X90 Pro 5G There is a liquid cooling system. Vapor Chamber Large size, made of cooling structure 24 floor and size cooling system 4,002 which is bigger than a smartphone X Pro Other models ensure cooling throughout the device. Ready to deliver a high frame rate during gameplay without interruption.

X90 Pro 5G has a curved screen 3D size 6.78 fingers with eye protection (Ultra Vision Eye Protection Screen) Provides cinema-like display effect and professional eye protection. There is a larger viewing area, vividly showing results up to 1.07 Billions of colors, enjoy a wide color gamut. DCI-P3 100% Provides rich and natural colors What’s more, the screen supports HDR 10+ Has been certified eye care by SGS Low blur, low blue light and low flicker. which is the ultimate display to help protect the user’s vision with a high refresh rate 120Hz for all the enjoyment of playing games X90 Pro 5G There is also an eye care mode. Smart Eye Protection Mode embedded in a chip developed by vivo and MediaTek To intelligently monitor and control the proportion of blue light in real time. while maintaining color balance to help care for the eyes display material Q9 not only low power consumption but also effectively prevents blue light that is harmful to the eyes It also uses ultra-high-frequency dimming technology. (Pulse-Width Modulation or PWM) to 2,160Hz To relieve eye strain after prolonged use

smart phone X90 Pro 5G There are also dual stereo speakers. (Dual Stereo Speaker) Immerse yourself in the experience of stereo sound quality. 3D Surround, balanced and loudspeaker Boom Bass let you enjoy the sound 3D when watching videos or playing games with vibrating motor X-Axis Linear can respond to vibration in different game scenarios than 200 Format with mode support 4D Game Vibration Play high graphics mobile games with more fun than ever.

No more hassle of using a traditional SIM card.

X90 Pro 5G Comes with a SIM card slot 2 channel, with one channel can be set to a mode e.g Manually Users can switch between different SIM cards. freely And enjoy seamless international travel without wasting time changing SIM cards. and without worrying about the SIM card being lost

Sleek new design Get a premium user experience.

X90 Pro 5G Comes with a striking new design inspired by the beauty of the sun that shines across the horizon at dawn on the way. vivo called the band “Skyline” on the ceramic surface with the word silk screen printing “Xtreme Imagination” Perfect with a design according to the golden ratio. (Golden Ratio) reflecting the beauty of mathematics beautifully and perfectly

Model camera design vivo X90 Pro 5G It draws its inspiration from pro cameras and clearly reflects the pro style. with rear camera arrangement 3 The combinations are called “Big Eye” at the back to look harmonious and perfect Shows the power of the camera system inside. glass coated Corning Gorilla Glass with extra-thick anti-reflective coating on the lens surface Increase durability when dropped and prevent scratches. and has better light transmission than surrounding areas “Big Eye” There is also a ring Halo made of stainless steel for lens protection X90 Pro 5G Comes with new shades Legendary Black timeless beauty The back is covered with luxurious shiny vegan leather, which is durable and environmentally friendly. delicate in every touch Protects against scratches and fingerprints. which can be waterproof and dustproof under normal use which are tested according to the criteria of a controlled laboratory at IP68 as standard IEC 60529 Take pictures even on heavy rainy days, ready to support funtouch OS 13 based on operating system Android 13.0

X90 Pro 5G Ready to take users to experience a smart phone with a luxury design at a price 39,999 baht that perfectly meets all applications and lifestyles Prepare to be officially released on 20 May 2566 onwards at vivo Brand Shop All branches and dealers in leading department stores nationwide

Ready to receive special promotions as follows

  • EVIP Card: broken screen insurance 2 year 1 time + bail the machine 2 year value 10,999 baht
  • wireless charging stand (vivo 50W Vertical Wireless Flash Charger) value 2,999 baht

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