Vizcarra: "Before my term expires, Toledo will appear here before the courts"

Through an interview with the journalist Rosa María Palacios, President Martín Vizcarra denied not to act against corruption. An example of this is that of the former fugitive ex-president in the United States, Alejandro Toledo, and who should have the right to investigate the Odebrecht case.

About this, Vizcarra He indicated that "before the end of my mandate, Toledo will be here to appear before the courts" and added that he will have to face it to bring it back. In this sense, it has reaffirmed itself in the struggle that is conducting its management against corruption.

In addition, he also talked about the situation of Popular strength and trying to meet with Miguel Torres. "He did not have the desire to join the dialogue," he said, and that a demonstration of the desire to speak about Keiko Fujimori would be "to admit the 7 laws to reform the judicial system".

"You have to think about what is a priority," he said. About the tweets of the procurator of the Nation Pedro Chávarry on him and the Case of Chinchero, Vizcarra clarified: "I will not give more time to that gentleman" and "who investigates what he deems advisable" since there has been no irregularity in its management.

He also added that the Chinchero airport contract was made in the management of Ollanta Humala and that "the current government has tried to correct a contract that has been done wrong". "The modification of the contract has been sent to congress"he said, and that he was available to the Office of the General Controller of the Republic, which denied the corrections. He also clarified that the state, so far, has not spent anything in this case.


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