Vladimir Pozner has commented on the likelihood of stirring up hysteria with the accident of Michael Ephraim

Vladimir Pozner spoke about the accident, Mikhail Efremov, condemning the celebrity. In addition, the journalist commented on the possibility of inflating the hysteria about it in the media.

Since the fatal accident with the participation of Mikhail Efremov’s been a week. The developments are expected not only fans, but also many inhabitants of Russia, was not interested in his work. The likelihood of stirring up hysteria in society for this reason is very high and there is a perception, though this deals with a Director, plays on the emotions of ordinary people to distract them from other pressing issues. Vladimir Pozner has commented on the rumors, noting he did not get the feeling that someone, something spins, as this story in itself attracts people because it is the main accused was known to the person, and therefore all very interesting, than all will end. The presenter emphasized the same attention, the public would have in any other country, because the majority is not interested to understand economic topics.

Marked Vladimir Pozner and his position in the matter of determining who is responsible in an accident. The journalist said about alcohol dependence Michael Ephraim has long been known. He repeatedly sat behind the wheel drunk, and it eventually led to serious consequences. His irresponsibility led to the death of the man, the publicist is sorry. He and sympathize with his widow and two children. The presenter expressed hope that the actor will be judged as an ordinary man, trapped in his place. His acting achievements are not questionable, but the court should not take them into account in considering the case.

Author: Valery Seleznev


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