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Moscow, May 25 – AIF-Moscow.

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov met with Ekaterinburg activist Anton Derbenev, who had previously promised to punish the journalist for insults.

We recall that Solovyov, commenting on the air of Radio Vesti FM, on the construction of the temple on the site of the public garden in Ekaterinburg, defined the participants in the protest action "heirs of the demons".

In response, Derbenev said he would "give Solom the goddess" for these words. The TV host agreed to meet the Ural activist.

The meeting was held Saturday in Moscow. In an interview with RBC Solovyov said that there were no beatings. The men have talked for a long time. According to the TV presenter, he showed Derbenev photos and video material with the protesters, with respect to which the phrase "demons" was used.

"They caused a different reaction from him, but he agreed that most of these people cannot be called normal. Something they didn't see," the presenter said.

During the meeting, it was discovered that Yekaterinburg had only heard phrases from the radio that had been taken out of context, Solovyov said.

In turn, Derbenev on his Facebook page promised to post a post later on a conversation with Solovyov.

We recall that many inhabitants of Yekaterinburg opposed the construction of a temple on the site of a public garden in the city center. In this connection, several protests have taken place. The authorities reacted to the dissatisfaction of the citizens, it was decided to conduct an investigation and decide where the future temple would be erected.

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