Vlašic at CSKA, Spartak fired Glushakov and Kombarova, review day


Still in Spain without a coach. And "Spartak" – without Glushakov

Messi wants Neymar to Barça, Spartak separates with Glushakov and Kombarov, and CSKA keeps Vlašić for 5 years. Such news, friends.

Messi asked Bartomeu to bring Neymar back to Barcelona

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi positive about returning to the club forward Neimar, currently protecting the colors of Paris Saint-Germain.

According to El Mundo, the Argentine has announced its desire to see a Brazilian in the team of the president of the Catalan club, Josep Maria Bartomeu. The blue garnet manual is currently reflecting on the terms of a possible agreement.

The PSG president defeated Neymar in an interview. Ready to sell it

But Neymar no longer wants to play for PSG.

Neymar defended the colors of Barcelona from 2013 to 2017, after which he moved to PSG for a record 222 million euros. During the stay of the striker in the Parisian club, the media repeatedly reported that he did not feel happy on the team and wanted to return to Spain. It is reported that Real Madrid, in addition to Barcelona, ​​also claims to be a Brazilian.

"Barcelona" wants to include Griezmann in the Neimar business

The management of "Barcelona" thinks about the conditions for the potential return of the attack Neimar from Paris Saint-Germain.

According to El Mundo, the masters of the blue garnet want to include the agreement forward Antoine Griezmann, although formally still a football player of the Atletico de Madrid. In Barcelona they know that the team is not in the best way connected to the possible transfer of a Frenchman, with whom the Catalans have a preliminary agreement, and they prefer to see Neimar in their ranks.

Mbappa is more precious than Messi and Ronaldo! The most expensive players in the world

The top 10 players worth over 100 million euros according to Transfermarkt. Cristiano is not here.

Assistant Luis Enrique led the Spanish team

Head of the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) Luis Rubiales announced that Spain's new head coach will be Robert Morenowho was previously an assistant to a former mentor Luis Enrique.

"RFEF's solution is to trust Robert Moreno as head coach. He will remain with the same duration as the contract, which has already been signed, and will be responsible for the team's performance in the European qualifying tournament of 2020", – he quoted Rubiales in the official twitter of the Spanish national team.

Her boyfriend led de Gea out of the heart of the Spanish national team. Kepa girl

Andrea Perez has fascinated one of the most enviable suitors in the world of football.

Spartak announces the termination of the contract with Glushakov

Moscow "Spartak" on its official website announced the departure of the midfielder and team captain Denis Glushakova.

With a 32-year-old footballer, the contract was terminated by mutual consent of the parties.

"We thank Denis for his great contribution to Spartak's victories over the last few years and we wish him success in his future career", states the message of the bianconeri.

"I give Spartak to the fans". Leonid Fedun Revolution

This was not yet in Russian football. The first part of the great interview.

Glushakov moved to Spartak from Lokomotiv in the summer of 2013. With red and white, he became Russia's champion in the 2016/17 season and also won the country's Super Cup in 2017. His contract with the club was calculated until 30 June 2020.

Spartak announces Kombarov's resignation

Moscow "Spartak" on its official website announced the resolution of the agreement with the defender Dmitry Kombarov.

The 32-year-old has played for the red and white since 2010. Since then, he has played for the team in 274 games, entering the top 20 of Spartak players on this indicator. In 2017, Kombarov became Russia's champion with Spartak and won the country's Super Bowl.

"We thank Dmitry for the years he spent in the club and we wish him success in his future career!" – says the message "Spartacus".

"Out of resources." Who of the Spartak players will separate in the summer

There are eight people on the list. Our experts.

Bokketti will leave Spartak following Glushakov and Kombarov

Spartak's owner, Leonid Fedun, spoke about the changes coming to the team.

"Speak Zé Luishe a lot: there are Turks and Chinese there, but there is no formal proposal. But the window has just opened, the whole "tusnya" begins in mid-August.

"I give Spartak to the fans". Leonid Fedun Revolution

This was not yet in Russian football. The first part of the great interview.

Who goes away except Glushakova? Kombarov. Bocchetti – this is iron. Maybe even Ze Luis, if it's a good offer. According to the "iron" – is the early termination? Yes, it's a special formula, according to which we pay a certain part of the salary. We will officially announce the details later, "Fedun told league correspondents Mikhail Goncharov, Dmitry Yegorov and Denis Tselykh.

CSKA purchased the Vlasic transfer

CSKA is in agreement with Everton on the transfer of the Croatian midfielder Nikola Vlašić, which in the season 2018/19 claimed for "the army" on loan. Previously, the "league" reported that CSKA is close to an agreement with "Everton" on the transfer of the midfielder.

Vlašić remains for 5 years. How does Giner do it?

But everyone was sure that the Croatian would leave.

With the player himself he signed a contract for a period of five years before the end of the season -2023 / 24. This was announced by the official website of the capital team.

Around Vlašić, CSKA can build a lot of time. This is a great team player.

Horvath is brilliant, but for him it is more important that the whole team play is brilliant.


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