Vodafone: the distribution of FritzOS 7.01 for 6490 works at full speed


Vodafone now seems to be in full swing, providing all customers using the FritzBox 6490 Cable (also known as Vodafone HomeBox) with the highly anticipated update to FritzOS 7.01. A few weeks ago, the update was launched after a long wait, but there were presumably problems hindering distribution.

An official confirmation from Vodafone is currently still pending, but it seems that the new FritzOS 7 will be launched for customers with a Vodafone HomeBox. At least this is what our hypotheses suggest, because both our editor Stefan Trunzik and some readers have finally received the much awaited update. There are corresponding messages in social networks – Vodafone now distributes FritzOS 7.01 as the corrected version for the errors of the new FritzOS 7.

Vodafone FritzOS 7.01 for FritzBox 6490 cableThe FritzOS 7.01 update is …
Vodafone FritzOS 7.01 for FritzBox 6490 cable… now to Vodafone customers

What is new

With FritzOS 7, AVM launched a series of new features in the summer of last year, including new options for Fritz Hotspot, the AVM mesh network for a convenient home network and new DECT features. Vodafone customers with a hired router had to examine the tube, but now they get the new features. The boxes distributed by the providers always require a little time before the updates are ready to be distributed to customers, but Vodafone's customers have had to wait disproportionately for a long time.
FritzOS 7.0The launch of FritzOS 7 has already been announced last year

The update offers a long list of improvements, changes and new features and functionalities at your fingertips.

Update started

At the moment an official provider announcement is not available. Router updates are normally distributed in batches, so not all customers with a corresponding FritzBox are also provided with the update. It should be available to everyone soon. Some customers have shared information in the Vodafone forum, based on which the company wants to complete the distribution by the end of March.

Vodafone Homebox is based on AVM FritzBox 6490 Cable. Now the HomeBox should receive the following new features:

New features in FritzOS 7:

  • AVM Mesh for a comfortable home network for WLAN, telephony, smart home and other FritzBox functions
  • DVB streaming now with support for SAT> IP
  • News for the FRITZ! hotspot
  • MyFritz Internet access to FritzBox now without security instructions in the browser
  • Increase speed when using USB disks with NTFS file system
  • Manufacturer-independent standard support for DECT-ULE / HAN-FUN smart home devices
  • New features for FritzFon devices
  • Time switch for call forwarding: set once – always available
  • Call the numbers transferred to another FritzBox on your home network

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Software, router, Avm, Fritzbox, FritzOS 7
Software, router, Avm, Fritzbox, FritzOS 7



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