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Strange, I’ve never heard anything about a dichotomy between Farcry fans, that’s the first time I hear about it. I’ve also never heard of a group of AC players who prefer part X and another group who prefer part Y.

On the other hand (especially since Third and when I started the series) I hear nothing but NOTHING other than whining and whining about Saints Row and the insurmountable gap between Saints Row 1/2 and 3/4 fans. Hell, even in the latter group there is a branch of people who thought SR4 went a bit too far where 3 still got the benefit of the doubt.

Now here’s this trailer (I haven’t even seen the announce trailer yet) and the whining continues because apparently it’s not good again… it makes you despondent. I really hate all the so-called Saints Row “Fans” for typhoid plague. Everybody. That shit every time, for TEN years since Third, had to read NOTHING but puke in all the articles about SR. Just be done with it.

Uh, no offense Richyyyyy ..

But really, I already know that in every article that will be about this reboot there will be negative reactions every time. Many will start again about SR1/2, (almost) no one will start again about SR3/4 because they don’t count. Everyone will compare this game again and compare it to GTA, the gameplay, the graphics, what you can do in the game, the characters, and then SR will of course have to pay.

Nice prospect again. Great, looking forward to it… Oh yes, I hate GTA and GTA fans too.
Fuck Rockstar.

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Have a nice evening everyone Apologies for this Tweakers unworthy post.

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