Volkswagen boasts a record range of ID.3

Today, carmakers are not only overtaking on the northern loop of the Nürburgring, but also in electric times and on the number of kilometers traveled per charge.

While Hyundai Kona Electric recently covered over a thousand kilometers on the test track, Volkswagen set out to attempt its own record for its ID.3 model on public roads.

For one charge of the battery pack, he covered a distance of 531 kilometers from Zwickau to Schaffhausen in Switzerland. The officially stated range is 420 kilometers according to the WLTP methodology.

It is an incredibly apt reminder of the test driver Felix Egolf predecessor of model ID.3 managed to exceed this value by more than 100 kilometers, or 26 percent.

The ID.3 model in the 1st Pro Performance edition took a record ride with a 58kWh set of batteries from standard series production. Among other things, the larger cities of Bayreuth and Ulm lay on the route to Switzerland, which leads exclusively on public roads and motorways.

Record driving was 44 percent on highways and 56 percent on roads. The average driving speed was 56 km / h. The driver needed a total of 9 hours to complete the route from Zwickau to Schaffhausen.

Volkswagen states that Egolf made the most of the ID.3 inertia drive and saved energy in some places in the “aerodynamic bag” that typically forms behind trucks. Of the payload, on the other hand, a total of 250 kilograms was used, because the rider was accompanied by a cameraman with the necessary technical equipment.

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