Volkswagen dishonored? Luxury Tiguan dishonored in race against Geely Coolray

180 “horses” under the hood did not help the expensive “German” – the 150-strong “Chinese” butchered the competitor “under the nut.”

Although at first glance it may seem that both crossovers are in equal weight categories. Volkswagen Tiguan with a 180-horsepower gasoline turbo engine is equipped with all-wheel drive, which means that in terms of dynamics of revelations you won’t have to wait, while the Geely Coolray with a 3-cylinder unit for 150 horsepower is presented with an uncontested front-wheel drive.

A similar Chinese crossover will cost buyers 1.3 million rubles, taking into account the existing discounts, while Volkswagen Tiguan will have to pay a lot: 1.6 million rubles at best, and even then there will be nothing interesting to offer there. However, in a race race it is customary to compare exclusively the dynamic capabilities of cars, because both mid-size crossovers are at the start.

Right from the start, the all-wheel drive “German” starts to pick up speed briskly, leaving no chance for the Chinese rival, however, this is due, first of all, to the fact that the Geely Coolray driver started to push the gas pedal to the floor too late. However, the situation has changed dramatically, as soon as the car from the Celestial Empire switched to the “drive” mode, and its driver – stopped “stupid”.

The first moment the Kulrey just sleeps while the Tiguan flies forward, but in the end the Geely crossover briskly picks up speed, catches up with VW Tiguan and even gets ahead of it. The main task here is to make both cars start at the same time, so that under equal conditions, the Chinese crossover “takes” the competitor to the smallest.

Volkswagen is dishonored – there is no other way to describe how Tiguan “disgraced” in a race race with Geely Coolray. Apparently, a new leader appears in the crossover segment up to 1.5 million rubles – for those who like to go cheap but fast.


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