Volkswagen Sagitar mid-term facelift exposure, exterior and interior interiors have ushered in significant changes-IT and traffic

As the main sales model of FAW-Volkswagen, Sagitar is also an “Evergreen” model in the domestic car market by virtue of its advantages in space and brand power. Today, with the successive launch of joint venture and domestically produced competing models,And the cash Sagitar has been on the market for a long time in China, and the Sagitar has also reached the node of facelift.


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A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that spy photos of FAW-Volkswagen’s new Sagitar’s exterior and interior have been exposed. As a mid-term facelift model, Sagitar’s facelift plan has been exposed before. It is understood that the car will be launched early next year as soon as possible.

In terms of appearance, the new car has been partially fine-tuned. The overall style of the front face looks more atmospheric. The interior of the air intake grille will be penetrated by chrome trim, and the dot matrix combination, with the eye-opening headlight design, enhances the sense of sport.

The new car also further strengthens Volkswagen’s “mock doll” shape, and even has a somewhat smaller “magotan” feel.In addition, the Sagitar itself is an A+-class car, and the more it has a certain advantage in terms of body length, the vehicle looks closer to a B-class car.

Judging from the interior photos, the vehicle’s central control and instrument panel are all fully liquid crystal displays, and the whole vehicle has a sufficient sense of technology.

The powertrain is not expected to change. It will continue to be equipped with 1.2T and 1.4T engines. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox.

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Currently, the manufacturer’s guide price of Sagitar in the domestic market is 135,900 to 165,900 yuan, and the terminal discount has come to about 30,000 yuan.This means that the minimum price of the 200TSI model with a manual transmission of 1.2T has reached the price range of 100,000 yuan, which is quite cost-effective.

In addition, statistics show that the Sagitar sales reached 25,730 in May, and 32,365 in March, stably ranking the top 1 in the domestic car market. Now, with the arrival of the mid-term facelift Sagitar, the car is bound to bring more sales increments, and the follow-up market will give the answer.


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