Volkswagen stops Russian diesel sales Tiguan – Vesti.Ru


In the total sales volume of the Tiguanov of this generation, the diesel modification occupied, according to the Autoreview edition, 22% – that is, almost a fourth customer Volkswagen Tiguan chose the diesel version. However, according to the publication, from 10 December of this year, the production of Kaluga of the Volkswagen Tiguan with a heavy-duty engine will be interrupted.

It is stated that in the information letter sent by Volkswagen to its Russian dealers, the cessation of production is explained by "global processes of the organization aimed at reducing variability and reducing production costs". Behind this brilliant phrase, however, lies the desire of the producer to save on production costs.

In Europe, the diesel "Tiguanas" are equipped with engines, which for environmental standards correspond to the Euro-6d-Temp level, and the Kaluga all-terrain vehicles have been satisfied with the Euro-5 engines. However, at the same time, the engines were supplied to Kaluga also from Europe. Apparently, Volkswagen has just decided to abandon the production of a not too important engine.

It is also known that for some time after the collapse of the assembly, the diesel "Tiguanas" can still be found in dealers' warehouses, and Volkswagen will offer an alternative to gasoline plus compensation for customers who have already ordered this change.



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