Volkswagen unveiled the next generation of the ID.3, its electric car

Volkswagen was one of the car manufacturers that clearly took over the electric market and the Volkswagen ID.3 is proof of that. Its proposals have been circulating for some time and reveal that it was the right choice at the right time for what customers were looking for.

Now that it is consolidated in this market, it’s time to start thinking about renewing its models. Thus, the brand revealed that it is preparing a new ID.3, with new shapes and new arguments to cement this electric car.




The Volkswagen ID.3 will be renewed

The ID.3 was the first proposal for an electric car created from scratch by Volkswagen. Unlike some of its competitors, the brand opted for a mid-range model and therefore more accessible to potential consumers.

With 2 years on the market, Volkswagen decided to prepare the renewal of ID.3, with new arguments. Thus, it revealed the first sketches of what will be the new line of this model of the German brand. It is the base that will be used and that will be revealed next spring.

Volkswagen ID.3 electric car

Lots of news in this electric car

From what has been revealed, the new ID.3 will be equipped with state-of-the-art software that improves system performance and is capable of receiving over-the-air updates. In addition, the standard equipment package has been updated and now includes a 12-inch screen, removable trunk floor and center console with two cup holders.

Functions such as Plug & Charge and the Intelligent Electric Vehicle Route Manager make the charging experience on the new ID.3 even simpler and more convenient. Volkswagen uses the latest generation of fully integrated assistance systems in the ID.3. Examples of this are the optionally available Travel Assist with Swarm Data and Park Assist Plus with memory function.

Volkswagen ID.3 electric car

Already on sale, but it will take a while to arrive

German customers can order pre-configured Life, Business, Style, Max and Tour models as early as December. The starting price of the ID.3 Life is €43,995. Due to the high volume of orders, customers who order now are expected to receive their new ID.3 starting in Q4 2023.

The renewal of the ID.3 is an important step for Volkswagen. The brand revealed that it listened to its customers and implemented many of their suggestions, which will now take shape. It will probably be VW's most successful model and the one that is attracting more customers to make the transition to electric cars.

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