Volvo intends to completely abandon leather car showrooms by 2030

According to the company’s report, by 2025, a quarter of the materials used in new cars are expected to be “from recyclable biological components”.

One of the materials that Volvo will use for its car interiors, Nordico, is made from recyclable components such as PET bottles, as well as “Swedish and Finnish wood and recycled wine stoppers,” says Volvo.

However, the company intends to continue to use wool.

“Finding animal-friendly products and materials will be difficult, but that’s no reason to avoid such an important task,” said Stuart Templar, Volvo’s director of sustainability.

Several other automakers have also announced plans to use alternative materials to the skin.

Volvo is also active in the production of electric cars. In March, the company announced plans to make a full transition to the production of such cars by 2030.


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