Volvo Trucks introduces new safety systems

Among the features that have been developed to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists while making the driver’s job easier is the new Front Short Range Assist. The system is designed to detect a cyclist or pedestrian in the danger zone in front of the truck. Using the front radar and camera, the system warns the driver if there is a risk of an imminent collision. Another new feature is the door open warning system.

It is designed to warn if a pedestrian, cyclist or car is approaching the truck from the rear on the side where the door opens.

“We are constantly improving and installing additional safety systems that can improve the driver’s capabilities and help protect both themselves and other road users. Volvo Trucks’ long-term vision is zero accidents, and safety is at the heart of everything we do. With these new systems, we are taking important steps towards these goals,” says Anna Wrige Berling, Director of Traffic and Product Safety at Volvo Trucks.

Some of the new features have been designed to already meet or even exceed the European Union’s updated safety legislation, the General Safety Regulation (GSR), which will come into effect in 2024. in July The GSR stipulates that several advanced assistance systems will become mandatory for drivers. This aims to increase road safety and better protect drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. With this legal act, the European Union hopes that by 2038 saving more than 25,000 lives and preventing 140,000 injuries.

“We welcome the stricter safety-related requirements, and Volvo Trucks is already offering systems that will meet the requirements of 2024. will become mandatory according to the provisions of the GSR”, says Anna Wrige Berling.

New Volvo Trucks safety features

Front Short Range System (included in GSR)

The radar and camera monitor whether there are unprotected road users in front of the truck. The system warns the driver with a visual and audible signal if there is a risk of a collision.

Intelligent speed reduction system (included in GSR)

The system monitors road signs and informs the driver about the speed limit by displaying it on the dashboard. Speed ​​limits are given for a specific vehicle combination and warn with visual and audible signals if the speed is exceeded.

Tire pressure monitoring system (included in GSR)

This system monitors the tire pressure of the truck and trailer. The new GSR legislation stipulates that if the pressure drops by 20 percent. below the reference pressure, the driver must see a warning on the instrument panel. Volvo’s system goes beyond the legal requirements by allowing the driver to choose a warning even earlier than the 20 percent limit. pressure drop. The system can monitor various pressure deviations, both too low and too high. In addition, maintaining optimal tire pressure at all times results in less fuel consumption.

Door opening warning system

This system warns if a moving object, such as a pedestrian, cyclist or car, is approaching from the rear on any side of the truck where the doors open. The system operates when the truck is stationary and continues for two minutes after the engine is turned off.

Automatic parking brake activation function

The automatic parking brake helps keep the truck in place until the driver presses the accelerator. This provides more confidence and assistance when going uphill and downhill.

Intelligent Speed ​​Reduction will be offered in many markets, and other features will be available worldwide for diesel, gas or electric Volvo FH, FM and FMX models from September this year. Volvo FL and FE models will be offered such safety systems as part of GSR requirements until 2023. end of

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