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Volvo will limit the maximum speed of all its cars to 180 km / h from now on

Volvo It has been characterized by leading the security as its banner in the premium car segment. Now that quality reaches the next level, because with immediate effect will limit speed of all the cars they make from now on at 180 km / h. The rest of the cars already manufactured and on sale floors will continue to have a limiter that enters the 250 km / h.

This action had been announced for a little over a year and is now coming true. This measure is part of an initiative called Safety Vision that seeks that in the coming years the number of deaths on board new Volvo cars does not exist

Volvo S60 2019 1600 1e

The first step is the one you have already taken by limiting to just 180 km / h the top speed of all its models, regardless of whether they are smaller engines or larger engines. Of course, if you still want to go faster, Volvo offers the products of its derived brand focused on sports cars, Polestar, which for now offers the Polestar 1, a sports car plug-in hybrid based on the Volvo S90 and it will be able to reach 250 km / h. With this they fulfill their goal in the main brand, but they do not neglect the sports side, even if it is with a separate brand.

Polestar 1 2020 1600 04 Polestar 1.

The second step will be detection of distracted drivers and the third that of intoxicated for some substance. In both cases, if the car determines that the level of distraction or intoxication is high, automatically the car will gradually slow down to stop in a safe place and ask for help to keep us from driving, putting ourselves at risk, or someone else on the road.

Volvo Xc90 2020 1600 02

Returning to the decision to limit the speed of Volvo cars; the news has been taken with some controversyWell, while there are few public places in the world where there is no speed limit, many people claim that this measure prevents them from fully exploiting the capabilities of the car.

It remains to be seen how this situation unfolds and although it may seem somewhat drastic for now, it may have two endings, one in which this measure has much success and forget the controversy or another in which the pressure of the clients makes Volvo reverse. Only time will tell.

Volvo adds a touch of electrification to the new S90 and V90


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