Vox asks in Mérida to remove the LGTBI flag from the City Hall: "Tomorrow we will see the flag of pedophiles"

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The councilor of Vox at the City Hall of Merida, Francisco Pinolhas asked to remove the LGTBI flag placed on one side of the municipal balcony where it is installed on the occasion of the LGBT Pride week considering that this “breaks the law”. In the course of his address at the municipal plenary session held this Thursday, he predicted that this type of breach could lead to him also being hung in the building “the flag of pedophiles“.

In the question and answer section, and within the first ordinary plenary session of the Emeritense consistory of this legislature, Piñolwho is a retired doctor and was making his debut in office, has indicated that his request corresponds, as he has said, “to what the Supreme Court and the Constitution say” which in his assessment prohibit the placement of flags that are not official in public buildings.

In addition, the mayor of Vox He recalled that he is the oldest councilor in the corporation and stressed that he already has grandchildren, while most of the other councilors have children. “I say that – he specified – because if we continue breaking the law, tomorrow we will see the flag of pedophiles and our children, my grandchildren, may be involved in that.” In addition, as I request, he has requested that the General Secretariat of the City Council prepare a report detailing the characteristics of the Flag Law.

In his speech, the mayor Antonio Rodriguez Osuna (PSOE), which governs with an absolute majority, has replied that “one for being older does not know more” than the others and has explained that what this regulation establishes is that official flags cannot be replaced by others, so who has accused the Vox mayor of “misrepresenting” the Supreme Court ruling.

In this sense, it has given examples of placing this type of banner throughout the year in the town hall in numerous celebrations that take place in the city, such as Easter, the Classic Theater Festival or Alzheimer’s Day, without having to account any type of beliefs, and has added that this is “something perfectly legal and democratic”.

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