Vox describes as “theater” the sessions of the Faffe commission where those mentioned refuse to testify

Angela Mulas, Vox MP for Cádiz, in a file photo. – VOX – ARCHIVE


Vox has described as a “play” the sessions of the investigation commission on the defunct Foundation Training and Employment Fund (Faffe) in which the people who are summoned refuse to testify.

In a statement, the spokesperson for Vox in the aforementioned commission, Ángela Mulas, referred to the refusal of Joaquín Morales, former director of the Faffe Organization, to testify because he was being investigated in the judicial case that is being instructed in the Court of Instruction number 6 of Seville.

In his opinion, “we have once again attended another play by
theater “of the Faffe commission.” This man was the second in command of the Faffe and has preferred to remain silent. Let’s hope
that we do not have to start another commission of inquiry on this same matter when we change legislatures because it would already be the third time that a commission of this type has been inaugurated. “

“We say so because the judicial procedure began in 2016 and has not yet finished. And all those who are accused agree that when this judicial procedure ends they will testify in Parliament,” added Angela Mulas.

Likewise, the deputy explained that Joaquín Morales “could have clarified the reasons why the public subsidies that Faffe received” were not justified in a legal way “and also why” his sister and brother-in-law were part of the Faffe ” or why “he received money from the foundation in his checking account.”

He has considered that he would also have to answer why “the money and the Faffe employees went to the Employment Department.” “He could have cleared up many irregularities for us. We understand that his silence is wrong,” he said.

He wanted to make it clear that from Vox they will not give up on the “effort of
get the appearing parties to declare and we can clarify all the political responsibilities of the facts that are being investigated “.

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