Vox leaves its attendance at the PP event in Madrid up in the air but prepares a "great landing" 8-O in Barcelona

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Vox works in silence. Away from the noise, they say in Bambú, but with the calendar in hand. They know that the political future is going to be played largely in the streets, and that is why they assess how and in what rallies against the amnesty to turn. While waiting to learn more details about the “great event” announced by the Popular Party for Sunday, September 24, the protest that most convinces Vox is the one on October 8 in Barcelona organized by Catalan Civil Society.

In fact, while Génova still does not confirm whether Alberto Núñez Feijóo will attend this demonstration – in which the participation of the Madrid president is planned, Isabel Diaz Ayuso-, Vox is already preparing a “grand landing” of its leadership in Barcelona: Santiago Abascal and Ignacio Garrigapresident and general secretary of the party, will lead a powerful delegation from the party, as confirmed by sources from the Vox apparatus.

The party already warned in recent days that it intended to be the political spearhead of demands in defense of the Constitution and compliance with the law, and in Bambú they define themselves as the only party that marks a real red line with nationalisms. . What’s more, the PP’s approach to Junts in recent days in an “informal” manner did not please the Vox management, which demanded explanations from the popular about these contacts that have not yet arrived.

In the same way that no more information has emerged about what the PP’s plan is for Sunday, September 24, just a couple of days before the inauguration of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. As this newspaper publishes today, the majority of the territorial leaders of the PP plan to be present in Madrid. But Vox, which has not received any communication in this regard despite being a partner of the popular parties in six regions, has not decided for now whether or not it will attend an event that Génova defines as open in order to have the company of other parties. and associations.

In any case, the call in Barcelona pleases Vox management more than the one at the end of September for different reasons. Firstly, because the convener is a platform and not a party, which gives a more civic than political spirit to the mobilization. Secondly for the location. Vox boasts of being the main right-wing party in Catalonia and the most voted among the “constitutionalists”, a group from which they exclude PSC.

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