Vox leaves the chamber and leaves the headphones on Sánchez’s seat in protest against the use of co-official languages

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Hectic start to the plenary session that will give the green light to the use of co-official languages ​​in Congress. The Vox parliamentary group has only spent a few seconds in the chamber and, after not being granted the spokesperson’s turn to speak, Pepa Millanthe 33 deputies have left the Lower House.

“We are leaving,” Santiago Abascal urged his people after the president of the Chamber, Francina Armengol, refused to give the floor to Millán seconds after the socialist deputy José Ramón Gómez Besteiro opened the debate bilingually, with an intervention in which he mixed Spanish and Galician.

Given the refusal of the presidency of Congress, the parliamentarians have left the chamber in protest. As they left the plenary session, they left their earpiece one by one on the seat of the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who is not present at the session.

“We are witnessing an exaltation of division with the money of all Spaniards,” denounced Millán, who has criticized that the presidency already allows the use of languages ​​without having been approved by Congress. A complaint that the Popular Party has also launched at the beginning of the session. “They pass the regulations through the lining of their jacket,” said the Vox spokesperson.

However, it was not the only occasion in which Vox has starred in the course of the plenary session. Almost two hours later, when the PP was already taking its turn to speak, the 33 Vox deputies returned to their seats to attend to Borja Sémper. But the popular spokesperson, addressing EH Bildu, has used Basque to address the Basque group.

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