Vox, objective 8-O: will seek to lead the opposition to the amnesty after the investiture

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Low profile and a measure of containment until October. Vox is keeping its best weapons against the amnesty for at least one more week and will let the – predictably failed – investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo pass before turning to its strategy to capitalize on the opposition to the Government’s roadmap and establishing itself as the only party that defends equality between Spaniards and compliance with the law. A plan that the formation plans to execute at three levels: from the political platform, from the courts and from the street.

At the Vox headquarters they are aware of the urgency and seriousness of the moment, but they consider that going up a gear right now may not be very fruitful, since the political and media protagonist of the week is inevitably the Popular Party after the massive concentration of this weekend and the complex investiture session that Feijóo faces.

The calculations carried out in Vox predict that next week, already in October, the PSOE will change its pace with respect to the amnesty and will seek an express investiture of Pedro Sánchez. It will be then, with the social clamor on the rise and the PP having declined after not having achieved the confidence of the Chamber, when Vox activates its offensive against what they already define as “a historic attack that will lead to the destruction of the rule of law.”

Thus, Vox’s objective is to concentrate its forces and begin to lead the political discourse against the pardon measure – in a tone, moreover, much harsher than that expressed by Feijóo and the PP last Sunday -, at the same time that the party turns to Barcelona in the demonstration called by Catalan Civil Society on 8-O, which is the Sunday of that first week of the month.

This Monday, the general secretary of Vox, Ignacio Garriga He advanced that his party will be “at the side of the Spaniards to defend the unity of the country, prosperity and equality”, but considered, in contrast to the PP act, that a call for a civic platform like that of 😯 will have many more attendees.

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