Vox once again denounces Sánchez and Díaz for "conspiracy for rebellion" and extends it to Puigdemont and Otegi

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Vox is going to file a complaint with the Supreme Court with which it will expand its 2022 complaint – which was not admitted for processing – for preparatory acts of a “crime of conspiracy for rebellion and, alternatively, sedition.” It does so to include in the list of alleged perpetrators the leader of Junts, Carles Puigdemont, and the general secretary of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, who would thus join the names of the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the vice president Yolanda. Diaz.

Santiago Abascal’s party carries out this movement without waiting for the concessions that the PSOE and Sumar are willing to make to the pro-independence and nationalist parties to be able to reissue the coalition at the head of La Moncloa, but assuming that they will occur. In addition to the amnesty for those convicted of the illegal 1-O consultation, they warn of the possibility that the way is being paved for a self-determination referendum and not only in Catalonia.

“We are going to demonstrate that what we said was going to happen is happening in a noticeable way,” the general secretary of Vox, Ignacio Garriga, announced this Monday. “As we did in 2017, we remain willing to do everything in our power to stop this attack by the separatists hand in hand and with the invaluable help now, unfortunately, of Pedro Sánchez,” he added.

Sources from the formation point out that with this complaint they intend to demonstrate that from the statements of EH Bildu members it is inferred that there may be other territories besides Catalonia that end up asking for self-determination, in reference to the Basque Country. It will include “many names”, among which they give particular importance to those of Puigdemont and Otegi.

In February, the Supreme Court dismissed a complaint filed by Vox with the argument that “there is no minimally solid basis” that the defendants were “conspiring to commit a crime of rebellion” or were “in any phase aimed at preparing the same.” . The withdrawal order was also limited to “a complete challenge or criticism of the political line followed by the Government of Spain” and, “by extension, related to the understanding that it defends (…) within the framework of the organization territory of the State”.

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