Vox places an Asaja leader who is making his debut in politics and is not a member of the party at the head of Agriculture in Aragon

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As soon as he is sworn in as president of AragonJorge Azcón has signed this Friday the decrees of appointments of the new regional Executive that will consist of ten ministries and two vice-presidencies.

Depending on the agreement signed, Vox will hold the first vice presidency and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The first vice president, with powers in matters of Territorial Development, Depopulation and Justice is Alejandro Nolasco Asensio (Vox), a 32-year-old lawyer and writer.

The nucleus of the new Executive will be in the hands of three experienced leaders of the PP and the maximum confidence of Azcón. the vice president Vaquero Sea She will be the head of Economy and Industry, which will give her control over economic policy and, in addition, she will be the spokesperson for the Government. Octavio Lopez He will be in charge of Development, Housing, Mobility and Logistics, and will have a determining role in the signing of companies, key in the Azcón project. The third pillar is the Treasury and Public Administration department, from which the rest depend, and which will manage Roberto Bermudez de Castro. The Minister of the Presidency, Interior and Culture is Thomas Hernandez Martinwho has worked as a lawyer and judge.

Vox has placed at the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Angel Samper Secorunagrarian leader of Asajawho is making his debut in politics, is not a member of Vox and is a farmer and rancher with a conservative profile.

The veteran leader of the PP Manuel Blasco Marques, who resigns from his seat in the Senate, will hold the newly created Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Also new is the Department of Social Welfare and Family that will direct Carmen Marin Susin Gabarregraduated in Political Science and Public Administration and graduated in both advanced studies in Human Rights and fundamental freedoms.

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