Vox presents a proposal to implement the ‘parental pin’ in Extremadura

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Vox Extremadura has registered an impulse proposal to urge the Board to guarantee the veto parental in educational centers, by demanding “the prior knowledge and acceptance of parents of any affective-sexual or ideological content that their children may receive in the classroom.”

The initiative also calls on the regional government to assume an “unequivocal” commitment to respect the right of parents to “freely” choose the education of their children and thus guarantee article 27 of the Spanish Constitution.

And in addition, you are requested to review educational curricula and adopt the necessary measures to promote the “immediate withdrawal” of textbooks and educational materials “that contain any type of indoctrination or potentially harmful content that may affect the innocence of minors.” “.

In the government agreement signed by PP and Vox, in point 32, both parties committed to guaranteeing the “ideological neutrality” of education in Extremadura and promoting equal opportunities by ensuring the free choice of center at all educational stages. as well as the constitutional right that assists parents “so that their children receive education that is in accordance with their convictions.”

The PP spokesperson in Extremadura, José Ángel Sánchez Juliáhas denied that the so-called ‘parental pin’ is part of the agreement with Vox to govern the Junta de Extremadura and defends that, in article 32 of that pact, it only includes the freedom of parents to choose the center where they want them to study. his children, so he will not support the impulse proposal registered by Vox in the Extremadura Assembly in which the withdrawal of textbooks that contain “any indoctrination” is requested.

“The governance pact that the Popular Party has with Vox in Extremadura is public and is crystal clear and there is no type of parental pin in this pact,” he stressed, while clarifying that the pact is committed to the defense of the freedom of parents to choose a center, just as stated in article 27.3 of the Constitution.

Likewise, he has defended the professionalism of teachers in the region and has denied that there is “any type of indoctrination.” “Therefore, where we are going to be is in the pact that we have signed,” stressed Sánchez Juliá, who has shown his confidence in education professionals in the region.

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