Vox "responsible" to Marlaska of violence and denunciation "infiltration of the state sewers"

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The parliamentary spokesperson for Vox, Pepa Millanhas directly charged this Wednesday on the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the “responsibility” for the “violence” experienced in the last two days in the street Ferraz after the protests against the amnesty that the PSOE is negotiating with the independence movement. Some demonstrations were marked by the “disproportionate” police action with those gathered on Monday and the riots caused this Tuesday by radical groups that the party condemns, and even some leaders point to the “sewers of the State” as the cause of their “infiltration.”

“It hurts our mouth to say that we call for peaceful demonstrations,” Millán remarked, in line with what was stated a day ago by Santiago Abascal himself, who distanced himself from any violent protest action in the streets. “We encourage [los asistentes a las protestas] demonstrate peacefully and do not fall into provocation.” Despite the altercations of the last night, which left 39 injured – 30 of them police officers – and seven arrested, the union related to Vox, Solidarityhas called again for the rally this afternoon in Ferraz.

Vox, which has announced complaints against the Minister of the Interior, the Government delegate in Madrid and the agents who participated in Monday’s attacks, accuses the Government of planning a strategy to “distort and criminalize peaceful demonstrations”, when, precisely, “The PSOE endorses the behavior of the separatists with the amnesty.” “They are the ones who are amnestying violence and street terrorism,” said the Vox spokesperson.

Vox spokesperson in Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, has even gone one step further, ensuring that “the sewers of the State” and, specifically, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, have “violently infiltrated” the protests in front of the Ferraz headquarters. She has made reference to this issue four times in statements to the media in the Madrid Assembly.

“We believe that they are the sewers of the State because yesterday there were many peaceful people who are going to express their discontent with the pact,” Monasterio remarked, adding that “pressure must be exerted in the street” as has been seen in the last two nights in the capital and that “the majority” of the protesters were “peaceful who wanted to express their discontent.

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