Vox will go to the PP demonstrations against the amnesty this Sunday and invites you to protest in Ferraz afterwards

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Vox confirmed this Friday its attendance at the demonstrations against amnesty to those involved in the ‘procés’ that the PP has called in all the provincial capitals for this Sunday, and has also invited citizens to later go to the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz to continue with the protests that began days ago.

The PP called the demonstrations earlier this week and the party leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will attend the meeting at Puerta del Sol in Madrid, while other members of the party will go to the squares of other provincial capitals. Regarding the possible assistance of those of Santiago Abascal to their calls, the general secretary, Cuca Gamarrainsisted that they are open to all Spaniards and that voters from other parties could attend.

The ‘popular’ have organized several events in recent weekends to show their opposition to the amnesty, which will finally cover all the events of the ‘procés’ since 2012, as PSOE and Junts stated on Thursday after signing the agreement.

For its part, Vox has been calling for weeks for a “permanent” mobilization against the grace measure and, ultimately, against the acting Government and its president, Pedro Sánchez. In fact, after learning of the agreement signed by PSOE and Junts on Friday, it marked the beginning of “a civil resistance that will be long, peaceful and firm” and that “it only has one purpose: either the dictator in the dock or those of us who oppose this coup in jail.”

Previously, Abascal and other leaders have appeared at demonstrations called by civil society in various parts of Spain and, more recently, at the rallies in front of Ferraz in recent days, in which riots have been reported. The Foundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation (DENAES), linked to Abascal’s party, also organized a demonstration in Colón that managed to bring together some 100,000 people.

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