Vulnerability in WhatsApp let install monitoring software


WhatsApp believes that the target of the attacks may have been just a few selected users.

(Photo: AP)

Menlo ParkThe chat service WhatsApp has closed a security hole that allowed surveillance software to be installed on smartphones. The devices could be infected with a prepared WhatsApp call because the weak point was the implementation of Internet telephony.

Behind the attack technology is suspected the Israeli company NSO, which sells spy tools to governments, among others, the “Financial Times” and the blog “TechCrunch”. WhatsApp believes that the target of the attacks may have been just a few selected users.

For example, a human rights lawyer in the UK had become the target of an attempted cyber attack on the vulnerability over the weekend, according to the Financial Times, citing researchers at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto. The attack was but failed by the measures taken by WhatsApp countermeasures, it was said.

The facebook service belonging to the chat service learned in early May of the problem and closed the gap within days. It affected both smartphones with Google's Android system and Apple's iPhone, phones with Microsoft's Windows Phone and Samsung's Tizen, as evidenced by a published in the night of Tuesday technical note. WhatsApp also turned on US government agencies for investigation.

The most popular product of the company NSO is a software called Pegasus, which according to previous information activate the microphone and camera of a phone, collect location data and search emails and text messages. NSO emphasized in a statement to the “Financial Times” that the company did not use its tools on its own, only secret services and security agencies did.

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