VW boss: vacation with electric car works “really well”

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is a few weeks before the start of delivery of ID.3 went on vacation to Italy with his daughter in the new compact electric car. In a post on the online career network LinkedIn, he now reports on his experiences.

“E-mobility is finally ready for the masses! I can take our customers’ fears away: everyday life or vacation – both are not only possible with the ID.3, but a completely new experience, ”is how Diess sums up his impressions. In fact, vacation trips with modern electric cars would work “really well” today. You are on the road with a lot of comfort and drive so confidently that the vacation can begin with the vacation trip in great serenity.

The challenges of e-mobility such as sufficient charging options and the waiting times that arise when drawing electricity as well as costs have already been solved for many holiday routes – this will be the case across Europe in the next two years at the latest, according to Diess. His personal experience: “Charging goes very well and quickly. The ID.3 charges a range of more than 100 kilometers in around 15 minutes with a battery-saving 80 kW. Means: Have a relaxed coffee and go on. I don’t see any problem there, very pleasant. “

Herbert Diess with the ID.3 on the trip to Italy

On the chosen route between Munich and Lake Garda, the charging infrastructure is already well developed, reports Diess. However, with a view to charging, there is still room for improvement in the digital technology of VW’s new e-car: “In the future, the charging stations will have to be displayed more precisely on our navigation systems – there is currently a discrepancy of around 200 meters with some. That way you don’t miss a charging station, of course, but we should make it as easy as possible for customers to find the charging station. ”The Volkswagen boss notes that the infrastructure for the breakthrough of e-mobility in the mass market has to be expanded further. That is what he will do. The charging points that he saw are already very well attended – “a good sign!”

“You virtually slide on vacation”

A lasting impression for him, according to Diess, is that the electric vacation trip is “definitely more relaxed than with combustion engines”. When it comes to electric cars, many would think of driving fun in the city due to the good acceleration. “Yes, that’s the way it is & it’s really fun. But it’s also great how calmly and calmly you reach your goal. You basically go on vacation, ”emphasizes the Volkswagen boss. He also liked the “sensitive and precise steering” of the ID.3 very much. Just like the impression of space in the vehicle: “Enough space, enough storage space, comfortable seats with good support. An overall great driving experience! “

In terms of user experience, the ID.3 for Volkswagen is a big step forward in this area. However, Diess brought a specific suggestion for improvement from vacation: “Skipping or toggling music forwards should be done with the arrow key up and not down. The experts probably have a playlist as a model, then it fits. ”He now passes on his impressions, which also includes great praise: He and his daughter perceived the sound experience in the ID.3 as“ absolutely outstanding ”. “Really great class! You almost drive there to listen to music. A small concert hall on wheels. Many of the more expensive vehicles do not offer that quality either. “

He is very happy to have chosen the ID.3 for this year’s vacation. “It was also interesting for me to simply test the vehicle again over longer distances under absolutely real conditions,” explains Diess in conclusion. Customers could “look forward to a great product”. For many people, the ID.3 will “signify the entry into e-mobility and thus also bring many special experiences – just as the Golf or the Beetle did for generations. I will definitely remember this summer vacation. He showed me that we at Volkswagen are on the right track – the future of driving is electric! “

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