VW lawyers do not expect a speedy comparison in the pattern determination action


Random samples showed that many unaffected claims had been filed with VW.

(Photo: Reuters)

Berlin Lawyers of Volkswagen According to the diesel scandal, a comparison in the model declaration action has become a long way off. Lawyers of the firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer justified this in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" with the fact that even weeks after the trial started, important information was missing from the Federal Office of Justice. "We only know that 463,000 people have registered. Whether these applications are effective, and how many people have logged off again, but is completely unclear, "said lawyer Martina De Lind van Wijngaarden.

As a problem prove the lack of preliminary examination of the applicants. Samples showed that many unaffected claims had filed. Freshfield lawyer Patrick Schroeder said there are applicants with cartoon character names, with one DaimlerCar or Volkswagen vehicles with gasoline engine.

With the model declaration suit, the Federal Government has created the opportunity to clarify issues relevant to a large number of disputes once and for all. Unlike class actions in the US, consumers still have to enforce their claims individually following a model judgment.

Experts expect a long procedure, which could drag on including a round at the Federal Court over four years. Consumer advocates want to establish, among other things, that Volkswagen has installed a prohibited defeat device in diesel cars and therefore customers have a claim for damages.

More: The Regensburg law professor Michael Heese systematically evaluates diesel judgments. His prediction: the plaintiffs have good chances in court.

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