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Volkswagen has again increased its sales in the US car market rather slow in April. Thanks to the exciting sales of the new Jetta and the ever increasing demand for Atlas and Tiguan SUVs, the company was able to sell 31,309 new cars, 8.7 percent more than in the same quarter of the year last, according to Wednesday's news. From the beginning of the year, the benefit is 3.9%.

Thus, the German automaker continues to gain ground in the US market, where sales have collapsed temporarily after the exhaust gas scandal. For the other German producers it worked less round last month. A particularly tough shock absorber suffered the Audi upper-class daughter VW, where sales fell by 21 percent. Daimler was also put under pressure with its Mercedes-Benz brand – the negative sign here was less than 15 percent. After all, rival BMW managed an increase of 1.4 percent with its main brand.

Overall, the signals on the US market after years of booming sales in further recession, in April, Americans slowed down the purchase of a car again. Large manufacturers like Fiat Chrysler and Toyota have had to cope with a sharp drop in sales, and the fourth consecutive month is characterized by falling sales in succession. Even market leaders General Motors and Ford, which publish their data only in the quarterly cycle, have recently lost – although pickups and SUVs are still in high demand.

The automotive industry is currently at the center of trade disputes between the United States and the European Union. US President Donald Trump has threatened punitive tariffs for European car makers if the EU is not ready to open, in particular, its agricultural markets. On the contrary, France in particular is reluctant, while US motor vehicle taxes would particularly hit Germany.

(APA / dpa)


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