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Julia Vysotskaya has shot for the magazine. On the cover of the latest issue of the popular actress appeared without linen.

The cover of the new issue of the women's magazine "Home Focus" was decorated with 45-year-old Julia Vysotskaya. In the main photo the actress appeared dressed in a jacket. Picture completed jewelry and fashionable style.

"A good start to the week", observed Yulia Vysotskaya, pleased with the work done, posting a photo on Instagram – "The shot was fun, easy, quick!"

Numerous subscribers were happy and dispersed in compliments. Interestingly, Julia Vysotskaya first shared a photo, which was also captured during filming. However, this is an old photo shoot. This can be guessed by the extremely short artist.

"From time to time there is the desire to change everything, for some reason the first thing that comes to mind is a hairstyle: dye, cut hair, stay completely without hair … This photo has almost three years, but it is too radical ", wrote Yulia Vysotsky. We recall that he almost lost his hair specifically for the filming of the film "Paradiso", directed by Andrei Konchalovsky.

In the comments the opinions of the fans diverged. Some have said that Julia Vysotskaya has a very short haircut – apparently she makes an incredibly feminine and sexy star. Others have spoken in favor of the current hairstyle: they say, light locks on the shoulders are ideal for an actress.


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