Wacky, beloved game is now available for free

The Rabbids are well-known characters today, appearing in all sorts of adventures. For example, they recently resurfaced in a story involving a well-known plumber Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. We almost forgot, but the crazy rabbits always appeared with a different world-famous mascot before going on ‘solo’ adventures.

The Rabbids started their gaming career as opponents of Rayman. The limbless platform hero had to take on the chaotic bunnies several times before their popularity skyrocketed and they went their separate ways with Rabbids Go Home.

If you want to experience the origins of the Raving Rabbids, you can now do so for free. Ubisoft is currently giving away Rayman Raving Rabbids completely free via its own webshop.

Save the world from crazy rabbits

In Rayman Ravings Rabbids, the world is infested by the Rabbids and it’s up to Rayman to save everyone. You do this through dozens of minigames. The title is therefore a party game and ideal to play with friends or family.

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