Wagons with the bodies of Russian soldiers still standing in Ukraine – why does Russia not want to accept them?

Al Jazeera English reports on YouTube.

“The real damage of this war for Russia is the bags with unremoved bodies stacked in refrigerated trains,” the report said.

It is noted that in one bag carrying the body of an elite Russian military, jewelry was found – stolen from Ukrainian civilians in the Kiev area.

“Ukraine treats its enemies better than the Russians do [Ukrainos] civilians. They will be kept for as long as needed. The decision will be made by the government as Russia refuses to take them. She doesn’t want that. Every body is evidence of a war crime. So, if they refuse to take them, Ukraine will bury them at its own expense, “said Volodymyr Liamzin, a colonel in the Ukrainian army.

Russia officially claims that only 1,300 troops have been killed in Ukraine, while the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces says the number of Russian soldiers killed has exceeded 26,000.

Prepared according to Ukrinform.

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